Saturday, February 14, 2015


Hellow, my name is chris and would like to welcome you to my page.
The People's Hive is about the Warre Hives, Small cell bees and Natural Beekeeping.
I am currently keeping small cell bees and will let you know when I have packages and queens available. They are very gentle and are currently doing housework !!!!

"The Peoples Hive"

At The People's Hive I will be doing some experimentations with small cell bees and
large cell bees (big bees) "queens" for a faster regression (large cell to small cell)
or 5.4cm to 4.9cm. Also Multi-Queen hives and Nucs using Top Bar, Warre', Langstroth
and hybrid or combo hive. Stick around, let's see how it goes.

Beekeeping in New Jersey
Warre Hives in New Jersey

The Peoples Hive
New Jersey beekeepers, honey, swarms, nucs, small cell bees, top bar hives, warre hives, langstroth hives, queen bees, natural cell beekeeping, wintering, feeding, splitting, hive management,

                                          Here is a picture of my small cell bees......

Happy Valentines Day !!!